¿Cómo enseñar this that these those?

¿Cómo enseñar this that these those?

Concept of education and teaching

When planning a class, besides taking into consideration the study programs and the context, it is necessary to take into account the students, especially their characteristics as well as their interests. In order to be clear about this, it is necessary to listen to them and get to know them; this favors the establishment of an environment conducive to learning.

One of the aspects that most detracts from the credibility and affects the image of teachers is not fulfilling what is promised, one must be very careful when setting a deadline for an assignment, for example.

This is also related to the rules that are established from the beginning with the group, you should be cautious when elaborating them and avoid including those that you know in advance that they cannot be fulfilled.

What is teaching yahoo

Ask a class member to read aloud the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:3-8), and the other students to follow along, remembering that the objects and actions of the characters in the parable represent Gospel truths.

– What reaction might people have to hearing this parable without knowing the explanation of its meaning? (Some people might be frustrated that they don’t understand it; others might understand it but may think it doesn’t apply to them; and still others might meditate on it and ask questions until they understand it and know how to apply it to their own lives).

– Mention some things we might do to prevent us from understanding God’s word. (See Mosiah 26:1-3 for a possible answer.) What must we do to understand God’s word? (See Alma 32:27.) How does our lack of understanding make it easier for Satan to tear the word from our hearts? (See Matthew 13:19.) What do rocky places represent?

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– What do stony places represent? (See Matthew 13:20-21.) Write on the board Stony places = people who hear and receive God’s word but do not allow it to take root in them (you may abbreviate the phrase if you wish).

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A concept helps us describe what is going on around us. We wouldn’t know what a telephone or a book is if we didn’t know its characteristics and types. Telephone is a simple word, but it means a lot to the development of science and technology.

Just as the human body is the organ that supplies blood to all the organs of the body for their operation, the engine is an element that transforms fuel into energy for the operation of automobile components.

Mobile platforms are no longer the future; they are the present. Our mobile culture is not slowing down; on the contrary, it is growing. Whether people are waiting for lunch in line at a restaurant or at a doctor’s office appointment, they want knowledge to be available on any device, but particularly on their smartphones and tablets. Your employees expect their work to be as mobile as their lifestyle.

Basic concepts

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