Does winter is coming mean White Walkers?

Does winter is coming mean White Walkers?

Battle hardhome

Also known as Japanese Park, it was built thanks to the contribution of several companies in the mining area of Chile and Japan in order to represent a typical Japanese landscape, as part of the brotherhood agreement signed by the commune of La Serena with the Japanese town of Tenri in 1966. The landscape designer in charge of its construction was Akira Ohira, who achieved the creation of this Japanese genius in the soil of La Serena.

It has diverse vegetal and animal species of this country, it is the biggest Japanese park in South America. It was inaugurated in 1994, for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the city. Today it has become a natural lung, capable of transporting you to ancient Japan from a magical place like La Serena.

Still wondering why visit it? It is one of the few places where you can see this natural magnificence. And best of all you can live with it all and walk through beautiful passages surrounded by nature, here you will find tranquility and peace.

With its 26,000 square meters, the park is considered one of the largest Japanese gardens that can be found in Latin America. For a deeper understanding of the tradition and symbolism of Japanese culture, it is recommended to walk through the garden from left to right. In this tour you will be able to observe and find the following:

The hardhome massacre

However, to our surprise the Sparrow surrenders very easily. why? Because he has achieved his goal: he gives him a Margaery who has become a devotee of the Faith of the Seven. Almost a kind of Sparrow. The Queen is now an instrument of the Faith.

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We know that scene is going to be filmed, but we don’t know what implications it has. Will it be a strategy of Margaery’s in order to escape or has she really become a religious fanatic? Will she remain queen or will she become a septa or Silent Sister? It’s too early to tell.

The scene is very shocking, but we bring it to you among other things because it is NOT a season finale scene and a lot can happen since then. As we told you, Jaime is also going to go to the Riverlands… and find out who he meets over there.

The gift game of thrones

Brienne and Podrick settle into an inn, while Brienne is conversing with Podrick they are interrupted by a servant. Brienne deduces that he is loyal to the Stark family, so she asks him to send a message to Sansa.

The episode was received positively by critics. Vanity Fair’s Mike Hogan said the creative team “continues to ratchet up the tension,” while IGN’s Joshua Yehl rated the episode 8.4/10 and wrote that the season “reaches its midpoint with renewed plot lines and a rare moment of fantastic beauty.” Christopher Orr of The Atlantic called the episode “magnificent.” On Rotten Tomatoes, all 29 reviews were positive, with an average score of 8.2/10.

Game of Thrones 5×09

On May 5, 1945, after traveling a distance of more than 800 km, the march stopped in the village of Volary (German: Wallern) in Czechoslovakia, not far from the German-Austrian border.

In October 1944 approximately 1,000 Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners – young women mainly from Hungary and the Lodz ghetto – were sent by train to Schlesiersee, a subsidiary camp of Gross-Rosen in Upper Silesia, western Poland, territory that had been annexed to Germany.

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The women made a daily journey of about 3 km in both directions from the farms to the forced-labor site. They were forced to dig anti-tank pits in the snow-covered earth, using only shovels and other hand tools. It was bitterly cold, their light clothing was inadequate and they received very little food. They were covered with lice, which they passed on to each other, and many fell ill. In the three months of forced labor dozens of them perished. The dead were buried near the fence surrounding their quarters.


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